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If you are interested in joining NVTA, you may purchase one of the following annual membership options.  All plans are valid for one year, with the exception of the limited membership.


Beginning January 9, 2023 you will need an ID badge and parking permit to access the courts during school hours of 8am-4pm. To obtain an ID badge you will need to first become a NVTA member, then complete a livescan for the NVUSD. When you complete your livescan you will need to take a copy of this form to the Human Resources office at Napa Unified School District ( 2425 Jefferson st.) and then set up a time with Chris Ready to get your picture taken. Click here to get on his calendar: . Next: please email: Marie McMurray, NVUSD:  She will let you know when you can pick up your ID badge and parking permit. If you only use the courts after 4pm during the week, or other times that school is not in session ie; winter/spring breaks, holidays, weekends, then you do not need an ID badge. If you have questions, please reach out to Gila Freeberg:


Please use this Live Scan form and for "Job Title or Type of License, Certification or Permit", please enter "Napa Valley Tennis Association.": a24277f6-613b-4e7d-ab0f-6e61b6a5c3fe.pdf (

  • Family Renewal

    Annual membership
    Valid for one year
    • Renewal for previous NVTA Members to purchase
  • Personal Renewal

    Renewing annual membership
    Valid for one year
    • Membership for purchase by previous NVTA Members
  • Best Value

    Family Membership